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Birthdate:Feb 14
Location:Naas, Ireland
This is largely friends-only, because I don't trust people. I can't imagine anyone really wanting to read about my life but if you do, well, friend me and tell me why and I'll probably friend you back.

"If that generation doesn't realise the complexity that they can have, of their different facets - they're gonna have to run the world, and if they think that Aphrodite's crawling out of an SUV with no knickers on and drunk, then we're all doomed. And nobody's going to get a hard-on." - Tori Amos

This is me:

Also: deviblue is teh minkey. Teh minkey of me. ♥

Dislikes:42:being infertile, raspberries, being unable to help, bigotry, bitey insects, borderline personality disorder, celine dion, chronic myofascial pain, clothes shopping, craneflies, depression, dishonesty, fashion designers, feeling unwelcome, fibromyalgia, fundamentalists, having no dignity, having no choice but to eat meat, hypocrisy, idiot doctors, injustice, insulin resistance, liars, lipoedema, lj drama, mushrooms, my tea going cold, pcos, people in denial, people in general, prawns, rigidity of thought, social politics, sport, stupid people, accordions, summer, television, the fucking corrs

The Shoebox Project is love.

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)o(, 1940s, 80s music, accents, adam ant, adam lambert, alternate realities, art, autism, autistic advocacy, autumn, back to the future, baking, being a catslave, being rawth, benedict cumberbatch, beyonce, bill bailey, bisexuality, black books, bletchley park, books, borderline personality disorder, bpd, buffy, cats, chaucer, chocolate, chocolate milk, chronic myofascial pain, climate change, clive barker, cooking, corsets, counting crows, david bowie, del des anges, delilah des anges, depeche mode, depression, derfel cadarn, dialects, dignity, disability advocacy, doctor who, douglas adams, drawing, early red dwarf, edinburgh, elephants, ethnix, eyeliner, faith no more, fat acceptance, feminism, fibromyalgia, fiddler on the roof, foo fighters, frida kahlo, ganesh, garlic, ghost stations, gomez, good omens, goth, growing food, hadag nahash, harry potter, health at every size, hebrew, herbal medicine, herbalism, history, honesty, imajica, infertility, insulin resistance, intersectionality, involuntary childlessness, israel, james lovelock, jamie and claire, jeff buckley, judaism, justin sullivan, kali, king arthur, knitting, kula shaker, labyrinth, lavender, lazarus churchyard, lefthandedness, leonard cohen, light switch raves, lilith, linguistics, lipoedema, living colour, lord of the rings, lulaface, lulworth cove, making a mess, making lipbalm, malka ingedashet, marc bolan, marfan syndrome, marriage equality, medicinal cannabis, migraines, mike patton, mint, mrifk!, neil gaiman, neville-longbottom-ultimate-badass, new model army, non-binary gender, not having a tv, obscure in-jokes, ofra haza, ox-eye daisies, paganism, painting, peak oil, peak oil prep, pearls, peoplewatching, piercings, pinnyguigs with ham ears, polycystic ovarian syndrome, powerswitch, procrastinating, ptsd, rainbows, ranting, reading, reproductive freedom, reproductive rights, ruffy cowprint, scotland, self-loathing, self-sufficiency, severus snape, shackalack largebottom, shakespeare, shakesville, shapely prose, sharp things, sherlock, shoebox project, singing, sleeping, soundgarden, spaced, sparkly things, standing stones, stars, stephen, stephen fry, stephen king, stones, storms, sustainability, sustainable living, synaesthesia, t rex, talking without words, tattoos, tea, the cure, the dark tower, the fatosphere, the green man, the long emergency, the mighty gherkin, the moon, the red tent, the rotund, the sandler-ashford minkey army, the sea, time travel, tori amos, transgender issues, trees, what-is-this-i-dont-even, words, xkcd, yiddish, yishai fleisher, youtube duels with anwen, zionism, הדג נחש, ישראל, שלום
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