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I done got tagged by mine mogsister to do this list-o-goodness. In no particular order of preference, then, and kicking off with the mog herself:

ten things which make me happy )

In other news, Melissa is here, yay! She's currently asnoozy in the spare room, because she pulled an all-nighter to get some work done before she got the coach here. I'm pretty tired myself, and my face is all swollen up on one side and my mouth is a funny shape. The first thing Melissa said when she got in was "Wait...I'm trying to figure out which Muppet you remind me of." Mmm, thanks. :D
I really hope I look and feel ok for Whitby - currently, smiling and laughing are Bad Things because it pulls on the stitches. On the lower left I have a big painful empty socket where a tooth was removed after the root canal done in April failed, and at the front on the right I have stitches up where the gum meets my lip, where they had to cut my gum open to get at the root of one of my front teeth; yet another failed root canal from April. After Whitby I go back for a re-filling of another tooth, and that should be it for my dental doom for at least another six months. I hope.
On the upside, it does mean I get to live on broccoli & stilton soup and FatMilk for a few days. :)


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