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My mum has Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, aka bog-standard breast cancer which has spread and is growing moderately fast. Good old the NHS is going to try and sort it out for her. I am grateful for the NHS, I love it and would be dead without it, and I would be ok with her treatment being done solely on the NHS except:
She has lipo-lymphoedema. Her specialist doesn't seem to be taking this into account despite the fact that it actually does make a huge amount of difference with regard to what procedures and treatments are appropriate. She went to see him today and got seen by the nurse specialist instead. I don't want my mother to be seen by a nurse when what she needs is to see a doctor. The only way she is going to be able to see a doctor who can and will listen to what she has to tell them, answer all her questions and take her specific and highly non-standard complications into account is if she pays. She hasn't got the money. I haven't got the money. What I do have is talent and a bunch of paints. If any of you have ever considered buying a print of a painting from me or commissioning an original, now is the time to do that thing.

Edit: I am in the process of uploading files and making a list of links to paintings of mine in chronological order; the older (2002, which was when I first started painting) ones are much more "busy" than the more recent ones. If you don't like the style, don't worry, they don't come out like that any more unless specifically requested. I'm not wanting to sell any of these - some of them were gifts anyway - these are to show you the sort of work I do.

Edit 2: I'm not just going to link to them, I'm putting the paintings up on this post behind cut-tags, to save faff of opening new tabs/windows. I'm not posting everything I've ever done, either because I'm not pleased enough with it or because I simply haven't got a scan of it.
Thank you all so much for your interest.

2002 )

2003 )

2004 )

2005 )

2006 )

2007 )

a couple of drawings from 2005 )

Edit the third: Please don't re-post any of the pictures; if you want to show someone a painting, give them the link to this post. I don't usually make my art posts public but in order to get it seen by as many people as possible I am having to trust that nobody's going to nick any of the pictures.


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