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I nearly posted this in response to a STUPID post in a community but I decided to say it here instead so as to remove the likelihood of me going ASPLODE at the stupid smuggery and wilful ignorance.

I am so sick of this "well now we can manufacture sperm WE'LL NEVER NEED MEN AGAIN OMG" business and all that goes along with it. a) they haven't made sperm. They've made cells which are more like sperm than anything else they've made yet b) those people who can - ie most people - will still make babies the old-fashioned way because the majority of women like having sex with men, and will want to procreate with their men the way it's always been done.

WILL PEOPLE STOP BEING FUCKING RIDICULOUS. Saying "oh now the feminists will be happy because WE DON'T NEED MEN ANY MORE" is wrong in so many ways. Suggesting that the ability to create sperm without the presence of a man (which isn't possible yet no matter what the news is yelling) means women aren't going to bother with men any more is kind of like saying that the existence of nicely-shaped prosthetic legs is going to make people who don't like the shape of their perfectly-functioning legs cut them off and replace them.


Speaking of my internets, it's unlikely I'll be able to get online until Monday because the Oxegen festival is happening across the road from me and ninety squillion people going HI I'M AT THE BEER TENT! NO, BEER TENT! will be using all the wotsit that we rely on for our dodgy mobile-modem connection.


Jun. 9th, 2007 01:49 pm
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Dear Next Door (and almost every other bloody parent in the world, it would seem)

WHY THE FUCK do your children seem incapable of movement unless it is accompanied by screaming? I have to sit here in my boiling hot house with all the windows shut because YOUR UGLY SPAWN will not. shut. up. TEACH THEM TO BE QUIET. There is NO NEED for a child to scream unless it is in pain or frightened of something. They are old enough to be taught consideration for others. I am going to lose my temper at some point, and then there will be a strained atmosphere in the street because nobody likes having an irate woman scream "WILL YOU SHUT YOUR FUCKING KIDS UP" at them. I'm aware that as an autistic with hypersensitive hearing, mine is an unusually strong reaction, but it is physically painful when your brats screech and yell and wail ALL DAY, and sometimes I get heat-migraines from having the windows shut to avoid having a noise-induced meltdown. I HATE YOU AND I HATE YOUR KIDS. MOVE HOUSE NOW PLZ.

No love, plenty of wrath

That Girl Who Slams The Windows Shut When Your Kids Won't Shut Up, In The Hope That You Might Take The Hint.

P.S. if your child has done something repeatedly despite you telling it not to, I suggest DISCIPLINE. Trust me, it works much better than saying "Maaate, I've told you eight times not to dooo thaaaaaat".

Seriously. Even when I was a kid myself I used to wonder why other people couldn't be less screamy and shouty, so it's not adult-false-perspective here. My dad said to me when I was still a toddler something like "There's no need to make a noise. If you want something, ask nicely." IT WORKED. If more people taught their kids that making that amount of noise is actually not acceptable unless there is something hurting or scaring them, life would be much more pleasant. Why is everyone so loud?


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