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In other news, DAMN I am in a lot of pain. Also, my broccoli seedlings and alfalfa sprouts are doing well in the kitchen and our Jerusalem artichokes, onions, green beans, parsley and grapes are doing well in the garden. I wish we had either better soil or money for more pots and compost so we could have planted tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, sunflowers and courgettes. Ho hum. We'll have a good-sized garden one day.
Today would have been my Grandad's 88th birthday. I think he's probably quite glad it's not. He was getting rather bored of life here. Happy birthday, Grandad, I hope there are chocolate-covered ginger pieces and pork chops where you are.
James still has no job and the only reasons we have any food left are a) I always make sure we stock up for emergencies when we do have money coming in b) my sister gave us £20 a couple of weeks ago c) [ profile] andre_powell came round to see us and filled a trolley at Morrison's for us on Monday. He also bought us Chinese food for dinner. I would never normally have allowed it but we're way past the point at which my pride and dignity have to give way. It was so good to have fresh veg again.
What's everyone else been doing for the Bank Holiday weekend? I've been knitting a watermelon-and-black tube shrug for myself, baking, looking after the veg plants, watching LOTR, Harry Potter and Back to the Future, being amused by cats, and reading. Because my life is ROCK AND ROLL.
It rained this morning and the breeze is lovely and fresh and cool. I'm going in the garden to faff with plants now.


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