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Well, shit, dudes. I am just not sure how well I'll cope with the progression of my lipoedema. I can't exactly do anything about it, but damn. I am not looking forward to it. Currently, my legs look like this (I am affected from waist down and on arms, but I'm only showing you my legs because you don't need to see my arse and because I couldn't find any arm-comparison photos):

Here are my legs, which may not be work-safe, and the bodies of two other women with lipoedema; the photos of advanced cases are definitely NSFW, what with containing breasts and buttocks and the like. Bear in mind, this is some damn ugly stuff and you may be put off your food if you're eating. )
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I just got a call from the hospital which deals with my lipoedema, some patronising fucking bitch telling me off for not calling to arrange a lymphoscintigram when actually I have called repeatedly and been called back and told that someone would contact me soon to arrange it. I said I'd called, so don't try to blame me and she was all "oh don't go there with me, you have not called" and just fucking ARGH WHY THE FUCK WOULD I NOT CALL. Then she put me through to the appointments people (after saying "I advise you to have it done, it is beneficial to you" AS IF I DIDN'T KNOW THAT and then making sceptical sounds when I said I KNOW. THAT'S WHY I HAVE TRIED TO ARRANGE IT. REPEATEDLY) who told me the same thing about how I cancelled my last appointment (true, because I was getting married and moving house and was ever so slightly too busy and James didn't have any more days to take off work) and then didn't bother trying to make a new appointment (false, because ffs I WANT THIS SCAN DONE IT WAS ORDERED NEARLY ELEVEN MONTHS AGO). Not to mention the number of times I have left messages on my specialist's secretary's voicemail - that woman is either on the phone or not in the office, she hasn't bothered getting back to me, but you wait, in a couple of months I'll get a call having a go at me for not contacting her.
It's my body! Do they think they're more vigilant and give more of a shit about my health than me?

Less ranty post later. Probably. When I've finished dealing with prejudiced fuckwits who don't bother reading my comments properly and just create straw man arguments.
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It must be really nice to be able to lose weight. To notice that your clothes aren't fitting any more and to know that with a few months or a year of good old sensible diet and exercise, you'll be back to your normal self again.
I cannot express how upsetting and depressing it is to know that no matter what I do, I will always be stuck as I am from the waist down, and on my arms.


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