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This is from a comment I just made over on [ profile] apiphile's LJ, to someone who was having great trouble a) getting the point b) accepting that yes they do fucking well have privilege even if they haven't had a life of strawberries and silk cushions.

"One thing that you're forgetting is this very helpful rule: If it's not about you, don't make it be about you. If you really think all this stuff Del wrote about truly does not apply to you and your family, don't take it personally, just leave it alone.
Also, just because you think it doesn't apply to you and your family doesn't mean it's not true for millions of other people. An important thing to note about privilege is that by its very nature it is invisible most of the time to those who have it, unless they've trained themselves to see it and even then they won't catch it all the time. Another thing is that many people fall into the same trap when the issue of privilege is raised - they think the people pointing it out are saying they ought to feel guilty for it, when that's not the case at all, and they think they're being accused of having lovely swanky lives, which is also not the case. I mean shit, my life's been rather awful but I'd never deny that I have benefited from privilege of various types. This is because of another thing that I try my very best not to do and which I wish more people would try to avoid: Suffering Trumps. It's ok not to be the most hard-done-by. Really, it is. Attention is not a zero-sum game, and just because someone points out that x group of people in general have it worse than the group you're in does not mean that all your personal suffering is invalidated, it just means it's time to talk about someone else for the moment."

I could say more about this, a lot more, but it's nearly half past two and this broadband connection James has managed to magic up is very prone to frequent disconnection.


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