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Sep. 22nd, 2008 02:43 pm
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First, thank you to everyone who left messages/sent texts after my last post - I can't reply to you all individually but I really do appreciate that you all took the time to respond.
James and I managed to find a place to live - we'll be moving to a house in a small village in the Wicklow mountains not painfully far from where he works, and this is where it gets tricky: we have to move between the 9th-14th of October. We cannot afford to hire a removal company. Originally we had three people lined up to help us move, but for various reasons none of them are able to do it now, and currently it looks like James is going to have to drive from Cambridgeshire to North Wales, get the ferry across, drive from Dun Laoghaire to Wicklow, unload, then go back via shedloads of driving and ferry and do it all four times - the final time with the car and cats. Then he'd have to get to Dublin, fly to Stansted, get a cab to fetch me, and fly with me over to Dublin (I am terrified of crossing water and absolutely cannot do ferries, the plane is bad enough) and then somehow get us back to the house in Wicklow.
This is basically not feasible so what I'm saying is if anyone is willing and able to drive a van - a 7.5 ton van, I expect - from Cambridgeshire to Wicklow on any day between the 9th and 14th of October, we really, really need your help. We'd obviously pay for absolutely everything and we would thank you with love and food and money if you'd like.
Ideally we'd end up with three people to drive as well as James and then it could all be done in one day, but really, as it stands, anyone would be a massive improvement, though if there's only one person to drive apart from James it'd be a double trip and take two days what with ferry times being ridiculous.


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